Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Again!!

About two months ago, I was sitting at my desk, just doing something on my computer. Without any warning, the screen went blue, and said something like, "Internal error. Preparing to discard memory." What?!?!? Why!?!? Needless to say... I freaked out. During this time, many thoughts were going through my head. "Did I push a wrong button?" "Does my computer have a virus?" "Why me!?" I proceeded to let everyone around me know what had happened. This was definitely not okay. We restarted my computer, and everything seemed to be back to normal, but about a half hour later, the same thing happened. Obviously, something was wrong. The IT guy here at work came and took a look at it for me and found that my hard drive was too full or something like that. I was going to need a new one. We had some new computers coming in, but it would be about a month before they would be available. Until then, I would have to float around and use other people's computers when they weren't here. It had been almost a month and I can't tell you how much I missed my desk! I just wanted to be back in my normal spot. Finally, the day came. I had a new computer. I could go back to MY desk. It was one of the best days of my life.
About a week later, I had just gotten home from work, and I set my phone down on my bed. It lit up, which meant someone either sent me a message or someone was calling me. Nope. It just decided to turn off. By itself. You're probably thinking, "was this a normal occurence? her phone just randomly decided to turn off sometimes?" Nope. It didn't. Ever. With a puzzled look on my face, I turned my phone back on. "Well, that was strange," I thought. Someone had sent me a text message earlier, so I was responding now that I had a chance to. One problem. Every time I pushed the "send" button, it went back to the main menu. Holy heck! What's wrong with my phone!? I called Charlotte in my state of anxiety to ask her what I should do. She suggested that I turn my phone off and back on, then try it again. Oh, duh. Why can I never think of these things? In my troubled state, I turned my phone off, then pushed the button to turn it back on. I waited. Waited some more. Nothing happened. Well, maybe my battery meter was off, and it suddenly died, even though it said it was almost fully charged. So I plugged it in to charge it. Nothing happened. Oh, great. I had plans to go play tennis with a friend, so I didn't have time to deal with it right then, so I just left it. When I came back from playing tennis, my phone was lit up again. This time the screen was black with white writing on it, and said something to the effect of, "Booting error." Since I had no phone to call customer service on, Andrew was very nice to call them for me, and he worked everything out with them. Turns out this kind of thing had happened on my particular type of phone many times. Nice. They gave me three options for my new phone. I could get a new phone that was exactly like my old one, or I could choose between two other Motorola phones. The other two they offered me were older than my phone, and I had not heard great things about them, so I didn't really want those. Plus, I really loved my phone, and I hadn't had any problems with it before then. Granted, it was a pretty BIG problem, but still... My phone was the best option. So I stuck with the same kind of phone, and haven't had any problems since. I just hope nothing like that will happen to it again.
Here comes the big kicker. Yesterday, sitting at work again, my monitor started doing something funky. I don't really know how to explain it. It just started going fuzzy between dark and bright. Yes, that does sound weird, and yet I say, dark and bright. After a couple minutes, it stopped, for which I was grateful. It was annoying! However, a couple minutes after that, the left half of my screen went dark. Not completely dark, but I had to squint to see anything. It looked like I was wearing dark sunglasses, while only looking at my monitor. Oh, brother. I tried tightening the cords attached to the monitor, tried everything I could think of, but it would not be fixed. It was dying. My beautiful, big, flat-screen monitor. I came in to work today, hoping and praying that it would somehow miraculously be fixed. It wasn't. I had to get a new one. Sadly, this story does not have a happy ending. I do have a new monitor, and it is very bright and clear.. but it is much smaller and just not as cute as my old one! I know, I know... at least I have a working monitor, and it is still very nice, but I still just miss my other one! Why does everything keep breaking on me?? I find it very irksome!


Charlotte said...

Haha, you are so funny! Since I knew about all these occurances already, I don't really have much to say here. I've pretty much said it already. Just wanted to say that I loved the story. Very funny. Sad for you, but you're a good writer. :)

Malinovka said...

Sorry, Kristen! That's SO not fun. It's bad enough when ONE thing breaks down, but when it's a domino affect, it is so maddening! Hope things will work for you from now on!!