Friday, January 15, 2010

You really don't need to say anything to me...

Really. Please don't.
I know that it might be weird for these construction people to be working all around me all day while I'm at work, and I'm just sitting here for them to talk to. But I really don't want to humor people that say weird things to me anymore, even though they are just joking. For example. The other night, the electrician was leaving and he walked past me and said, "When I die, I'm going to come back as a receptionist. We can trade, so you can be an electrician." He came back five minutes later because he forgot his ladder, and he said, "It was your turn to remind me..." I guess it was a little bit funny, but next time I will be fine if he just says goodbye like a normal person. The next day, we had the alarm company over getting the door frames on both sides of the front desk being worked on to have the alarms installed. One of them was looking at the candy in the bowl and said to me, "Does this Milkyway have my name on it?" Saying it once was not so bad, but then later, he said, "Is this Hershey's mine?" This morning, "Is this Milkyway mine?" And now there is someone here cleaning out the utility closet who felt the need to ask me about the company. I explained to him what we do, and he asked a few other random questions like how high the cost runs for our software and that kind of thing. I have no idea. He really thought I should know, so he asked if I could ask someone. I said no. Good thing our sales person is not here today otherwise I don't think I could have gotten out of it.