Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Primary is fun for me because I get to hear all the funny things that kids say. It's great.

This last Sunday, the five year old girl who gave the prayer included, "bless that we can stay at church for a long time."

Then in sharing time, the person giving the lesson shared a story about someone who was baptized in the ocean. After that, she asked,
"why don't we get baptized in the ocean?"
"Because the ocean is too big." (This was a five year old girl).
"We also don't have any oceans nearby, do we?"
To that, a four year old boy said, "and we don't have the Sand Dunes to walk on the sand, either."

They are doing the 4th Article of Faith for the scripture this month. Remission is a hard word for them. The person reading it in Junior Primary said "third, baptism by immersion for the remembrance of sins." And in Senior Primary, "third, baptism by immersion for the missions of sins." It was pretty funny. They both got immersion right though! That's a hard one, too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This was in the chapter I was reading from my textbook the other day.

The answer to the question on that page is yes, which is probably not surprising at all, but when they studied specific types of lessons in correlation to intelligence test scores, this is what they found.
Apparently I should have taken voice lessons as a child...
Just kidding. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to, seeing as how I don't sing alone in front of people. This is interesting though, isn't it?