Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heavy Snow = Death and Destruction

Does anyone else think there is too much snow, or am I the only one? You have to change your whole life around the snow when there is so much of it. And it does weird things to my nerves. Last night I had a dream that my car alarm was going off. I woke up in a start, thinking the dream was real and I jumped out of bed, grabbed my keys, and unlocked and re-locked my car with the remote through the window. It took me a couple minutes still after that to realize that the alarm really wasn't going off and disturbing the neighbors in the middle of the night. Luckily I went right back to sleep, but still... it was weird. This is what massive amounts of snow does to me. And I don't have many pleasant memories of being out in it, either. Last year, when we went to Idaho, I had to drive home in the snow covered freeway by myself from Layton. I was 70 percent sure I was going to die. Obviously I did not. But now it is winter again and it is particularly bad out there today. And sure, it is pretty, and it makes it feel more like Christmas. But I just hope it will all melt from the streets and sidewalks VERY soon.

(Of course, the one day I want to take a real picture is the one day I don't bring my camera--I had to take this with my phone).


Craig Rowley said...

hahaha. I love that. It really was bad yesterday. I went outside to shovel the walks and driveway and it took me an hour. It was really heavy and wet so it made it quite difficult

Princess Zelda said...

I remember that day. . . I hate driving in the snow, too. It always means disaster. That was a pretty funny thing you did with ur dream!

Corinne said...

um... dearest kristen, the dream was probably caused by something you ate or your fear of car alarms, not the snow. Also perhaps you should make some happy snow memories and then you would like it more. But i hope it melts off the roads and sidewalks for you. With great love,