Monday, January 24, 2011

Burned... Again

This is the most awkward looking picture ever. Let me tell you why. It's extremely awkward to pin your arm straight back and then take a picture of your right arm with your left hand. If you are right handed.
And now that we've gotten that settled, let me now explain why my arm looks GROSS. I have burned myself every Sunday for the past three weeks. The burn that is close to my elbow looks like rash or something, but it's not. It's really a grease burn from three Sundays ago. Last Sunday I burned my left pointer finger on the side of a pan because I grabbed the edge of the pan instead of the handle. WHY would I do that? I am not three years old. I should know by now that the edge of the pan gets very hot... I clearly wasn't thinking or paying attention... I also got burned on Friday. Just a little burn on the back of my thumb because I got too close to the pan. Yesterday I was making pork for dinner, (my very first time cooking meat that wasn't chicken!), and while I was browning it, I once again was sloshed by grease, creating the little pink circle burns that you see closer to my wrist. I have never before been burned that many times in so short an amount of time. You would think that would turn me off from cooking, but instead I actually have found I really enjoy it almost as much - or maybe even just as much - as baking.
I'm just hoping from all of this that I have learned my lesson to pay closer attention to hot things that will burn my flesh, so that this will not keep happening.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look at that sun!

This is from yesterday. Did you all see it and how bright and orange it was as it was setting last night!? If you did then you probably know that it looked even brighter and oranger in person than in the picture. I loved it. It made me feel like it was warm... probably because I saw it from inside and not outside. I did not feel like it was warm as I was walking to my class this morning. My face kind of felt like it was going to fall off because it was so cold. But that's okay. As long as the sun keeps shining brightly enough to melt some ice, I probably won't even mind being frozen.
Speaking of the sun... I'm taking astronomy this semester. It was kind of an unexpected addition, but I think it will be interesting, and I'm pretty sure it fulfills the rest of my science credit. Thank goodness. And hopefully by the end of the semester, you can ask me practically anything about the night sky and I'll be able to tell you the answer. Yeah. We'll see if that actually happens...