Monday, January 24, 2011

Burned... Again

This is the most awkward looking picture ever. Let me tell you why. It's extremely awkward to pin your arm straight back and then take a picture of your right arm with your left hand. If you are right handed.
And now that we've gotten that settled, let me now explain why my arm looks GROSS. I have burned myself every Sunday for the past three weeks. The burn that is close to my elbow looks like rash or something, but it's not. It's really a grease burn from three Sundays ago. Last Sunday I burned my left pointer finger on the side of a pan because I grabbed the edge of the pan instead of the handle. WHY would I do that? I am not three years old. I should know by now that the edge of the pan gets very hot... I clearly wasn't thinking or paying attention... I also got burned on Friday. Just a little burn on the back of my thumb because I got too close to the pan. Yesterday I was making pork for dinner, (my very first time cooking meat that wasn't chicken!), and while I was browning it, I once again was sloshed by grease, creating the little pink circle burns that you see closer to my wrist. I have never before been burned that many times in so short an amount of time. You would think that would turn me off from cooking, but instead I actually have found I really enjoy it almost as much - or maybe even just as much - as baking.
I'm just hoping from all of this that I have learned my lesson to pay closer attention to hot things that will burn my flesh, so that this will not keep happening.


Malinovka said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry! I wish I were there to eat the spoils, though. I wish you and Mel could come visit with Mom and Dad! We'll miss not having you here.

Princess Zelda said...

Oh man, that sucks! I'm sorry :( Well, we all have to learn some way or another. . . Eh, I did the same thing with my ankle. One week, I jumped on it weird and fell to the ground in pain. So, I was extra careful the rest of the week. The beginning of the next week. . . I jumped the same way (jumping from the bench in my yard) and hurt it even worse. It dropped me to the ground in pain, and was swolen for a while. It still hurts at certain angles. Oh, why can't I learn my lesson?