Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lots O' Pictures

We had a super fun family reunion last week! It was the first time we were all able to be together at the same time since 2006, so it was about time we had one.

The first day everyone was here was Rosie's birthday, so we had a big birthday dinner!

Chase and Daphne had a hard time waiting for us to cut into the cake. They kept trying to sneak some with their hands.

The day after that, we headed out to Park City where my parents had rented a cabin for us to stay at together for a few days. We mostly just hung out together and had fun!
All of the sisters... We made a super quick trip to the outlets one afternoon.

This is the whole family! I'm pretty sure we've doubled in size since the last time we were all together.

I was pretty out of it by Sunday... Lack of sleep may have had something to do with that? It was such a great time, though! It was so fun to spend time with everyone together.

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