Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So many cupcakes.

I've been on a cupcake making trend recently. They are one of my favorite things to make right now.

These are red velvet cupcakes that I made to share with work for Valentine's Day. The frosting was super good, but it wasn't my favorite recipe of red velvet cake. I probably wouldn't make the cake recipe again. There are much better ones out there.

My grandma turned 90 years old yesterday! We had a celebration for her birthday on Saturday, so I made these coconut cupcakes for part of the dessert. They turned out to be one of my favorite cupcakes that I've made yet!

And in case you are wondering or haven't been outside... It's getting warmer! (It's still freezing, but no longer negative freezing). See how it was super duper cold a month ago?

Now it's only super cold.

It feels like Spring is practically upon us compared to last month.

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