Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That one time we had a pudding fight...

We had four 7 pound cans of pudding in our Relief Society closet that had expired (it had plenty of sugar to keep it good even though it was expired, so it smelled like it was supposed to) and we needed to get rid of them.

We figured... why throw away 28 pounds of pudding when you can throw it at people instead?

So last Saturday, we gathered for the purpose of throwing this pudding at each other.

We poured the pudding into a sack so it would be more easily accessible.

We went to the middle of a large field.

We put the sack in the middle and walked out ten paces.

Hyrum (he was kind enough to be our photographer) said "go" and we all sprinted back to the middle to grab pudding.

And then we pudded each other.

A lot.

And then we had to help each other wash it off...

It took a while... Pudding sticks surprisingly well. (We ended up walking over to Heather's parent's house, where they were kind enough to let us use their hose so we could actually get it off).

It took us much longer to get it off than to have the fight, but we all agreed it was worth it. So. If you ever find yourself with expired canned pudding, don't just throw it away... Have a pudding fight!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Goblin Valley

How many people does it take to put up a tent?
More than this many. Clearly.
It took a while to get this thing up. (I was not helpful).

I went to Goblin Valley with some friends on Friday and Saturday! We camped overnight (the picture above is the place we camped) and went to the Goblin Valley park to climb rocks Saturday morning. We also played Zombies (it's a long explanation) while we were in the valley. Saturday afternoon, we went to the Ding and Dang hike. Half of us ended up not finishing that one because it was super long and we were super tired. It was also not as exciting as the rock formations and hike at Goblin Valley.

Friday night:

If you look really hard, you can see Imma sitting on the first hill in this picture.

I made coconut cupcakes for birthdays at work and there were a lot leftover. So I brought some along. We ate them for dessert Friday night.

Saturday morning/afternoon:

I loved seeing the red of the rocks in Goblin Valley with the contrast of the blue mountain in the distance behind it.

We climbed all the way to the top!

It was so beautiful! It was an awesome weekend.