Thursday, May 2, 2013

Utah Lake

I remember going to the lake a few times (and only a few times) in my life. Every time, it seemed like the sun was going to kill me, and it smelled like the water was as dirty as it really is. But! Last week. All of that changed! Maybe it was the particular day, or maybe it really is just better than it used to be, but it was lovely! No bad smell at all, and since it's not sweltering outside yet, it was perfect. I was surprised how enjoyable it was and I would even like to go again soon! It felt like I was at the beach!

Imma found this broken fishing rod on the ground... we did not actually go fishing.

Ashley as Moses.

Imma kept trying to be taller than me, even though she was on sloped ground. I could not stand for that.

But don't worry, we are still friends.

I just need everyone to know that I hate buoys. They creep me out.

We skipped some rocks!

 I actually got one to skip! First time that's happened.


Rosie and Derek said...

Yes, Utah Lake seems nicer than it used to, I love seeing it every day!

Malinovka said...

I love your whiskered jeans and your boots! :) Looks like a fun outing! I'm glad you have a better opinion of the lake now. :) You need to teach me some camera tricks. I'm back in automatic mode and I have to get out of my slump!

Kristen said...

Thanks! I feel like I am never quite sure if my pictures are going to turn out, so I still need to learn more as well. Mostly I just shoot in aperture or program. I guess the more I do it, the more I learn, though!