Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I stepped in toast

When I got home yesterday, I saw a familiar sight.
More burned toast.
Of course, you can tell, this is not the same toast as before. Not quite as burned as the last one, but still burned.
And in the exact same spot.
Just outside this apartment's door.
Later that night, I was with my friends walking back from the other building back to my building. I started walking up the stairs and heard a loud crunch. Like the crunch you would hear when you take a bite out of toast. I thought it was perhaps some big dry bug. I yelled, "What did I just step on!?" Holly was behind me and, laughing, said, "I think you just stepped in toast!" Me: "I just stepped in toast!? I just stepped in toast!"
It was weird.
And I proceeded to laugh so hard at such an odd exclamation that I could no longer move my legs up the stairs.
The end.

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