Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I went on a real vacation a few weeks ago! I went to California with friends Becky and Corinne.
For the first night, we headed out to St. George.
Unfortunately, we didn't make it that far. We made it to Beaver. Where we were then stuck at the gas station/Dairy Queen until Becky's family came and rescued us. (Turned out my car needed a transmission replacement, which... thank GOODNESS, was under warranty).

Since my car was being fixed all week, we needed another way to get there... Friends Kajsia and Mike were SO kind as to offer their car for us to take. Which we ended up doing the very next day.

This time, we made it past Beaver!

And then we did make it all the way to St. George, where we stayed the night.

Then the next day, headed out to San Diego.

And met Melodie there!

The first thing we did was go to the beach.

Melodie left the next day.

We went to see the San Diego temple that night.

You could see almost a shadow of the temple in the sky because it was lit up so well.

And then on our way out of San Diego the next day, we stopped by the temple again to see it in daylight.

From San Diego, we stopped by Ruby's for lunch (it was so delicious) and then went to Huntington Beach. We stayed with my friend, Jaede in LA!

The next day, we went to Santa Monica Boulevard.

And shopped along the promenade.

We found the statue of Santa Monica.

And saw the view of the Santa Monica Pier and beach from where the statue was.

Of course, the thing I wanted to do most of all (which we did, twice) was go to Sprinkles. The judge on Cupcake Wars started this bakery and it was the first cupcake bakery in the world! How could I miss it.

We went to the one in Beverley Hills the first time. I needed to see the Cupcake ATM.

It is literally an ATM that gives you cupcakes. Fun.

I tried the red velvet. It wasn't the BEST cupcake I've ever had, but it was delicious. (I was too excited to try it to take a picture before it was half eaten and looked gross. Sorry).

Right after Sprinkles, on our way out of Beverley Hills, we accidentally found the LA temple!

After that, we went to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach. We also walked along the Santa Monica Pier.

We stopped by Trader Joe's and Sprinkles in downtown LA on our way out of California the next day. We drove from LA to Las Vegas, where we stayed the night.

We stopped by the Bellagio.

Where we looked at the gardens.

And then we walked out to see the fountains!

Then the next day, we drove home!


Rosie and Derek said...

How fun! When Mark and Jill came to town a year and a half ago they flew through LAX, and she made a point to get a cupcake from the cupcake ATM. :)

Malinovka said...

SO FUN!!! What an awesome trip. Gorgeous photos too! So glad you got to take a break. Sorry about your car! I'm so glad it was under warranty, but what a pain!