Thursday, February 27, 2014

Champions Challenge

So there was this event at the Energy Solutions Arena on Tuesday. I was SUPER excited about it. Why? I'll tell you. Because it was Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Jim Courier and James Blake playing tennis with each other! Pete Sampras is one of my favorite tennis players ever. It was super cool seeing him in person.
It was so crazy to see all the ex pros play right in front of us!

One of the best parts was how we (two roommates and I) bought tickets for the very top section. And then we got there, one of the workers at the arena took our tickets to see where we were sitting. In a very heavy accent he told us our tickets were "no good" and we needed to follow him. We were confused but we followed where he took us to another arena worker holding a stack of tickets. He told him we needed new tickets. I was worried something shady was going on for a minute. But then the guy holding the stack of tickets took a few from the bottom of the pile (tickets that hadn't been sold beforehand) and switched them with us. So instead of being on the front row of the very top of the arena, we were on the third row on the bottom! Super close seats! It was amazing!
I just love tennis. It was the coolest event ever. 

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Malinovka said...

How fun!! Cool that you got your tickets switched for super close seats! I would have wondered if something shady was going on too... Glad it ended very happily! :)